EQUINOX Anti-aging CREAM OVERVIEW – Is EQUINOX is a scam??


EQUINOX Overview:

Today we will take an overview on equinox anti-aging cream. We all visit thousands of website having large number of different anti-aging creams. I am pretty sure that we don’t have any idea about all of them. My friends ask me about Equinox that this cream really works or it is another scam and obviously I don’t have any idea about this anti-aging product. So I decided to overview and here are some point that will tell us that is equinox is a scam or not??



After visiting their website we know that equinox is made from natural ingredients and they are certified through FDA department. Equinox promise to reduce wrinkles moisturizes skin to 74%, decreases visual appearance of fine lines after 4 weeks. All these promises are great but the thing really concerned is what equinox truly delivers.



Equinox is made up of powerful nutrients and vitamins. Some of the ingredients that we found after some difficult research are below:


1) Vitamins: Cocoa, Mushroom extract, Vitamin E, Shea butter and Mango butter help to balance the moisture of the skin.

2) Antioxidant is really important compound as it has ability to recover all the dead cells and it also help to regenerate new tissues of the skin.

3) Skin Nutrients to produce moisture in the skin for long lasting freshness.

4) Polymoist -PS Complex helps to reduce wrinkles.

5) Peptides help to promote the production of collagen.


How to apply?

1) Wash your face properly and let it dry.

2) Apply the cream properly all over your face and neck.

3) Massage until it will absorb in the defected areas.

4) Use it on regular basis.


How does it work?

All the ingredients in this cream will work after few days of regular use. Human skin has three layers. Equinox starts its work from the last layer and slowly it will help to make upper layer smooth and healthy. Ingredients use in this product will make your skin glowing. It will also help to remove dark circle and fine lines. Equinox will make you feel younger as well as beautiful.


Equinox reviews:

Equinox is very popular among people according to the reviews. We have found 80% positive reviews side and 20% negative reviews on equinox scam. Large number of people says that equinox give them their life back and save them from embarrassments. Some of them say that they don’t have any business ethics and also mention that their terms are not well defined while signing up.



Equinox is the finest and popular cream for anti-aging among customers but we should discuss all the terms with their support first.


You can also share your comments on equinox complaint. We would love to hear from you as well.


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